An Invitation

Consider this an invitation to join me in my latest adventure. This electronic acre of the webosphere will be a place to peek into my studio adventures in Ireland. I will post sketches and schematics as they materialize, and provide some background to their origins.

A key method behind my painting of late has been mining details of a place, in this case Ireland. Drawing from literal and emotional interpretations of history and mythology, interactions with Irish people, and responses to strange local fictions, I’ll look for a rich new visual vocabulary and graphic/schematic interpretations of landscape. All this and the possibility that whole new methodologies will emerge.

It is my intent that this journey is a shared one and the evolution(s) that occur will be an example of how international interactions can have great impact.

The Ballinglen Arts Foundation, the Lighton International Artists Exchange Program coordinated by the Kansas City Artists Coalition, and the College of Arts and Science at Kansas State University, particularly the Department of Art, have made this all possible. Sincere thanks to all these institutions.