Ash Brush for the Peat Fireplace

The ash brush, above, is another recent addition to the object vocabulary I am developing on my pinwall. I have sketched both the brush and the dustpan of the set. Both have Irish iconography on the handle and make them unique. I discovered these as I was cleaning up after a peat fire in the fire stove in my cottage. I may have mentioned previously that peat is burned here as fuel and for heat. Because of the weather in Ireland, the vegetation never is able to totally decompose – it evolves into peat. Peat is essentially rotted vegetation that has built up on the landscape here for years.

I am in the slow process of developing the compositions for these paintings. I do multiple versions, with different conceptual premises. One way to view how the vocabulary objects and schematic diagrams develop is to look at my previous works in the painting section of my website. I will try to post some compositions as they solidify.

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