Ireland Pinwall

The image above, of my “pinwall” or idea wall, represents the accumulation of sketches from my time in Ireland – about 70 percent (some sketches are still in my sketchbook). These are the sketches that might find, or have found, their way into a painting at this point. Somehow, seeing them all together creates added potential for current or future pieces. Many of these drawings might be recognizable from earlier posts.

The pinwall idea isn’t new or limited to painting. I have noticed it in use with writer friends developing narratives, from my days working on Chevrolet advertising at Campbell-Ewald, web designers use it to figure out navigation, and architects collect reference forms or images and diagrams of various sites. Theater artists assemble all the possible visuals associated with a performance including settings, wall patterns, costumes, lighting possibilities, etc. much in the same way an interior designer assembles all the details of a possible interior space. The only creative discipline that I haven’t noticed using this as a part of their method are choreographers. I think if I hung around choreographers more often I might discover that they use it also.


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